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About 20 years ago I had a car accident that messed up my neck and back. At this time I was not aware of the chiropractic health system until my friend reffered me to one through my insurance. I was informed by the chiropractor that I had a bubble on my knee and need to get a shot on my knee or risk having surgery. I opted for the knee shot becuase I was in terrible pain. It took a lot of talking to me to get the shot because I could not imagine a needle in my knee. Anyways, once the shot was given I felt better and has never experienced the pain again. This was my first experience with a chiropractor. everything became normal after that. I did not need to see anyone until almost 10 -15 years later. I believe that as I age the tears of old age contributed to my starting pains on my back and neck. Initially when the pains started I went to different hospitals, had x-rays each time i was there. They either gave me a neck colar or pain meds. I hated taking pills so I would refuse the med; this continued until the Lord led me to the Life in the Spirit seminar where i met Dr. Jackie. At the time I was seeing a chiropractior in Hollywood urgent clinic but it was difficult keeping up with appointments due to timing and besides i didnt feel like i was getting my needed help. When I started with this office, my life, has been improved, my health has improved, and i am able to come as needed. time was no longer an issue and I love coming here. I have talked about this place everywhere. Thank you for everything and continue to do good you guys are the best!!
                                       -Sister Franklyn
I was 30 weeks pregnant and suffering from very painful sciatic pain that was shooting down my leg. I choose chiropractic because I knew it was a safe treatment to recieve while pregnant; little did I know chiropractic would help me and body prepare for labor and birth. I was pain free after a few treatments and continued weekly care to keep my growing body in alignment. after the healthy birth of my baby I suffered an accident that herniated a disc- Dr. Jackie gave me and my daughter adjustments 3x a week for 6 weeks and have only had minor back pain twice since my recovery which was over 14 years ago. Since that time , my entire family have come to Legault Chiropractic for every ailment from colds to broken bones. Dr. Jackie is the most incredible healer and friend. She always has a smile, a compassionate ear and an open door. Legault Chiropractic is a family business that treats all of its patients like family. Just friendly faces and the highest quality care. That is why after 14 years and no more back pain I choose to come back for both maintaining my alignment and anytime I have an illness or pain anywhere in my mind or body.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         - Crystal Cacolici
After giving birth at a birthing center we were looking for more natural ways to be healthy. Thankfully a family friend reffered us here and it has been a blessing from the Lord. Dr. Jackie has not only helped us physically, she has also reinforced and grown our belief in hollistic alternative. May God bless the work of their hands and everyone who walks in their doors.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 - Cynthia Sainpreux

I was moving bedroom furniture; I like the bed in a different location in different seasons. My dresser was very heavy and when i tried to slide it a couple of the sliders came off. I then tried to put the sliders back in place and when i lifted one end i felt my back pull. On the second day I started to get swelling in the coccyx area. I was pretty uncomfortable, I couldn't sit down correctly for weeks. It felt like I was sitting on a rock due to the swelling. My friend had been going to Legault's for years and asked me to give it a try. It took several adjustments but slowly it started to feel releif. I was so thankful. I still go now every two weeks as prevention care. I would recommend this practice to everyone. Also the staff is caring and friendly.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    -Emilie Malinoski
Since two years ago I have been experiencing terrible lower back pain and later on that pain shifted throughout my entire back. When I visited the doctor's office they told me I had rotoscoliosis and told me there wasn't much of a cure and he could prescribe me pain relief pills. I am not one to take any sort of pill, so I did some research, and I found out that going to the chiropractor can help. I visited Dr. Jacqueline and ever since I have been feeling amazing. Not only has she helped with my back pain, but I have also found myself being even more positive. And for that I want to thank God for allowing Dr. Jacqueline to be able to use her hands to help me out.
Thank you so much.
                                - Feli Fontanini
Jermaine and I (Audra) have been coming here for about 6 years off and on. Dr. Jacqueline has been a blessing to us. She not only adjusts us and improves our health but she became a part of our lives and family. She cares with her whole heart and truely desires for your body to improve. Her practice is not just about the money but it's about restoring people's health and encourageing them on this healthy life journey. Chiropractic has releaved our backaches, headaches, hipaches, and neck strains. Her talks have releived our stressesand her friendship has helped us keep our sanity. Legault Chiropractic Health Center is the total package; health restoration and friendship! We are not sure how our overall health would be if we did noot become patients here and we do not want to find out!
                                                                    -Jermiane and Audra Joseph
I have been a patient at Legault Chiropractic for 17 years. one of the reasons i prefer this service is becuase this is a family business operating for generations. All business decisions are made in the context of the very long term, not immediate profits. Another reason that i continue to come back is becuase the doctors really care about their patients. This is their life-Helping others-and not just a job. They do go above and beyond to help people and make a differencein the lives of others. the final reason that i know this is the best place for me is because the doctors have an instiable appetite for learning and limitless curiosity about health. I truly respect and admire the doctors as proffessiona;s because they continually seek more knowledge and better understanding of their field. This level of dedication, commitment, energy, and passion is rare among all professions and this makes these doctors exceptional.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 - Shelly Bernal
Many years ago... more then I can count... I injuried my lower back and was spending the greater part of 2 weeks on the living room floor. A co-worker of my wife made an appointment for me with a chiro...I had never used one before... My first Adjustment was done by Dr. Vaughn at another clinic in Hollywood. After Dr. Vaughn adjusted me I walked out and a friend said to him to kick me in my rear end for all the years i thought unkindly of chiropractic. He joked back that he would undo all the work if he did kick me. A number of years later I reinjured my lower back... has been my weak point since teenage years... I was recommended to a Orthopedic Surgeon on Sheridan Street and after the MRI, CATSCAN, and 12 weeks of physical therapy I went back to him for an assesment. I was still in pain and decided he was going to fuse some stuff in my back. That scared me into calling Dr. Vaughn again...He had retired and forwarded my paper work to Dr. Legault's office... and here I am. I have been coming to the Legault's for 12-13 years...Never Had The Surgery Done!! I have had a couple of incidents with my back, but Dr. Legault always brought me back to usefulness. I try to visit at least once a week for an adjustment and their hugs are amazing too!
                                                                                                                                                                       - Nick Mosca
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