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Welcome to Our Virtual Office Tour

As you enter our parking lot, you
will notice ample parking spaces and
the warm feeling of our stone building
that has an overhang for easy 'drop-off'
for patients with severe health conditions
or in the event of bad weather.


Once you enter our reception area,
you'll be greeted by one of our pleasant
and knowledgeable chiropractic assistants,
who will request that you fill out a short
description of yourself and the reason
for your visit.  

Next, you will be meeting with the Doctor, who will take care of your case. They will be asking about the possible "Cause of Your Problem" and about other health issues you may have.

After your consultation, you will
be escorted to a private examining
room where one of the team
doctors will perform a thorough
Spinal Orthopedic Examination.

If X-rays are found to be necessary, our
center is equipped to take your
X-rays right on the premises for
immediate review by the doctor. This
could mean "less suffering time for you."

You will be invited to listen to a short video to familiarize yourself with your spine and some of the terms that the doctor will be mentioning to you during your Report of Findings". Note: If X-rays were taken, the doctor will  Show and Explain them to you at your report.  Or, you may attend a "Spinal Care Workshop" to learn more about how chiropractic can help you and "The REMEDY to Better Health" to help speed you recovery and avoid re-injury. [Margie]

You will find that the center has several treatment rooms, each of which has unique adjusting tables or equipment to allow specific adjusting of different techniques for all of the different types of cases we care for.
[In the top left corner you see the Maternity and Kids room. Note: This special adjusting table allows a 9th month mother-to-be to comfortably lie 'flat' on her stomach and receive regular chiropractic care. In the right corner is our regular table and in the bottom picture we have an activator table which this room is meant for patients who can  not necessarily lie down by them selves so the table helps them.]

We are a 'Team' who works for the benefit of our all of patients, but we are also a 'Happy Family'. [Dad, Mom, Son, Daughter, & Grandson]
We are sure that you will find our center friendly, pleasant, and professional.
Come see for yourself.

From Left to Right: Dr. Marcel Legault DC (Son), Dr. Virginia Legault DC (Mom), Dr. Mario Valcourt DC (Grandson), Dr. Gerard Legault DC (Dad), Dr. Jacqueline Legault Valcourt DC (Daughter)

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